100% Grassfed

Beef & Lamb

Would you like to fill your family freezer with quality beef, lamb and/or pork for the winter?

We offer bulk buying of quarter beef, whole lamb, half lamb and several sampler boxes.

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100% grassfed beef

beef sampler boxes: 25lbs or 50 lbs includes ground, roasts, steaks

ground beef only: 20lbs or 45 lbs in 1lb pkgs

quarter beef:

100% grassfed/grass finished quarter beef dry-aged for 21 days

125lbs packaged wt.(23lbs steaks, 47lbs roasts/stew/ribs, 55lbs ground beef- vacuum sealed)

always organically raised, always 100% grassfed

100% grassfed lamb

lamb sampler box: 10lbs includes ground, stew, roast, chops

half lamb box: 22lbs includes ground, stew, roasts, chops, shanks, ribs

whole lamb box: 45lbs includes ground, stew, roasts, shanks, ribs, liver, broth bones

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Pasture raised Heritage Pork - fed organic veggies, fruits, dairy and grains- no soy

pork sampler boxes

15lbs includes ground pork, pork chops and roast

or 25lbs includes ground pork, pork chops, roasts, bacon